Friday, January 9, 2015

In Miniature

Miniatures have always been fascinating to me. Growing up, my grandma had a shelf of miniatures that she had made on a shelf by the front door. Though she hadn't lived on a farm, the country motif was a common thread through her work so there were tiny butter churns and baskets of hand painted apples. I loved everything about it. I would take the little objects down one by one and admire the detail that went into them. My love for legos stems from the same place. The detail that can come out of those square and rectangular blocks blows me away.

Legoland as a whole is a dream come true for anyone who enjoys creativity, but their land of miniature towns and landmarks is by far my favorite spot. When I saw that Las Vegas was represented I couldn't resist spending some time and admiring the love put into getting the details just right.

From the Mirage with actual steam coming from the volcano to the towering MGM with signs advertising two of the hotel's iconic shows. I love the lion statue and the shimmering green, remnants of the days when the MGM was heavily themed after The Wizard of Oz.

Their representation of the New York, New York was another favorite for the sheer number of details alone. Even though I enjoyed playing with legos growing up, I never had the patience to see larger projects through. Looking at these buildings, which ranged from calf to knee height, I can't imagine the hours that went into crafting these near-perfect replicas.

Many of the displays even had moving parts! From the pirate show at the TI to dolphins jumping through hoops behind the Mirage, these buildings truly came to life. Miniatures are a fun way to gain a new perspective on the city you live in. Not only do they give me the desire to explore in a new light, but I really want to tackle my own lego project this year.

Do you have a dream lego project that you would love to work on? What would you like to see in miniature form?


  1. I love miniland USA at Legoland... It's so cool and fun to look at all the cities :)


  2. Lego was my favorite activity in the childhood, barbies were so boring!

    Oly | TLV Birdie Blog

  3. Wow! This is so cute and intricate!

  4. This is so cute! I'd love to see an Indian bazaar in lego form - can you imagine?!

  5. How am I just discovering your blog?! It is wonderful, so full of colour. Love this miniature village, it is incredible what they can do with lego. x